Adult Ministries

Bible Classes

9:00 am Classes

In My Life Class — Classroom A3 — Dennis Hixson & Mark Howard

This all-ages class offers sound teaching, dynamic discussion, and focuses on God’s work in people’s

lives.  Strong relationships and discipleship are emphasized as people seek God’s plan and purpose for

them as individuals and for the church.


10:30 am Classes

First Step Class — Classroom A2 —

This is a one-time class that happens once a month. In our First Step Class, you will meet with a small group of new guests and PGCC staff members to learn

more about who we are and what we are doing. This is a great opportunity to learn about our church

values, ask any questions that you may have, and connect with individual ministries to learn what

they are doing and how to get involved. Register here.

JOY Class — Classroom A1— Wade Osborn

JOY stands for “Just Older Youth!” This is a class made up of those ages 60 plus, and offers a verse-by-

verse study of the Scriptures. This is a lively group that enjoys continuing to grow and find meaningful

service for Christ.

In His Way — Classroom A3 — Jim Coleman

This class does a verse-by-verse study of Scriptures. All ages are welcome to join in a discussion-based format centered on God’s Word.